Five-function electric hospital bed 01


  1. Product functions: back lifting, leg bending, back and leg bending at the same time, lifting, CPR one-button reset, weighing, forward leaning, backward leaning
  2. Remote control handle: it is more convenient to use the backlit remote control handle at night
  3. Hospital bed control system: use the third-party inspection and certification motor, manual electric free conversion
  4. Bed surface: The bed surface is penetrating and can take X-rays. The whole punching bed panel is adopted, which is integrally formed, which is convenient for ventilation and has anti-skid function
  5. Control panel: it can display the bed angle in real time
  6. Accessories: The bed is equipped with an ABS anti-collision headboard with a control panel, an ABS damping lifting guardrail (with button function) and central control and central brake silent casters. The guardrail can be raised and lowered with the bed as a whole.
  7. Function: In the process of daily treatment and nursing, properly adjust the position of the patient’s back and legs to help promote blood circulation.
  8. Welding process: The frame of the bed body is welded by 30*60*1.2 formed square tubes, advanced welding technology, high-quality welding quality, and firm bed body



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