Five-function electric hospital bed 02

Back-rest lifting angle is 0-75°(±2%); Knee-rest lifting angle is 0-45° (±2%);
Height adjustable from 460 to 720mm;
Trendelenburg: 0~12°; Anti-Trendelenburg: 0~12°


SPECIFICATION:L2150*W1050*H460-720mm Sleeping surface: L1950*W830mm Integrated stamping frame and mattress base are steel made with epoxy. polyester powder coated & baked finish, resistant to chipping and scratching.

It is equipped with electric motor which is quiet and noiseless and able to support over 220kgs.
Guarantee period: we will supply you the spare part within two years free if the spare part have damage under normal use. Carton Size: 2100*980*500mm(bed/1pc)



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