Intelligent electric wheelchair 1

1. Curved frame design, beautiful appearance and unique design
2. Brand controller, brand motor, extremely low after-sales rate, quality assurance
3. Standard shock absorption, no need to pay extra to upgrade
4. Removable anti-snagging seat back cushion
5. Tiltable armrests and foldable handles
6. The detachable legs are made of curved technology to match the frame, and the iron switch plate
7. Aluminum alloy rear wheel, anti-corrosion and anti-rust
8. 46cm sitting width, 1cm more than the width of traditional wheelchairs
9. Car body with bright color craftsmanship and high quality
10. Intelligent electronic brake, protects the car from rolling when power is off


Configuration (carbon steel frame) Frame color: black, orange (customized)
Battery: 12AH lead acid
Controller: Domestic brushed
Motor: 250W brushed
Product size (length, width and height): 110*63*97cm
Packaging size (length, width and height): 81*41*79cm
Folded size (length, width and height): 77*42*76cm
Speed: 6km/h
Battery life: 15-20km
Maximum load-bearing capacity: 100kg
Weight: 44kg
Brakes: electronic brakes
Wheel specifications: 10-inch solid front, 16-inch rear



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