Luxurious operating table 1

Product quality is reliable, well-known, and recognized by users:
This product has passed the GB/T19001-2016 idt ISO 9001:2015 quality system certification;
Passed the YY/T0287-2017 idt ISO 13485:2016 quality system certification;
★Microcomputer, dual-controller control system, with a safety lock for misoperation, to ensure the safe completion of the operation to the greatest extent.
★Designed ultra-low operating position (minimum 550mm) for ophthalmology, brain surgery and other operations
★The lifting stroke is as high as 400mm, providing the operator with sufficient up and down adjustment range
★The vertical movement is 300mm, the table can be moved longitudinally forward and backward, and there is no dead angle in the filming, and the full-position C-arm filming can be realized.
★One-key reset, one-key up V and one-key down V position adjustment, eliminating the complicated operation process and quickly meeting the needs of surgery.
★Butterfly-shaped base design is convenient for the operator to move and stand for close-range surgery.
★All stainless steel fittings and surrounds, sturdy, stable and durable.
★Configure carbon fiber bed panel (optional).
★The connection between the head and the leg is interchangeable to meet the needs of surgery in different positions.
★Equipped with side lying position accessories and boom screen frame.


Table length and width:2150mm×550mm
The highest and lowest table top:950mm×550mm
The maximum angle of front and back tilt of the table:forward tilt ≥ 30° and backward tilt ≥ 30°
The maximum angle of left and right tilt of the table:Left tilt≥20°Right tilt≥20°
Adjustment range of the leg plate:Fold up ≥ 15° Fold down ≥ 90° Fold out ≥ 90°,Removable
Adjustment range of the back panel:Up fold ≥ 90° Down fold ≥ 30°
Adjustable range of head plate:Fold up ≥ 35°, Fold down ≥ 90°, detachable
Waist bridge lift distance:≥100mm
Translation:Translation ≥300mm



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