Medical Scoop stretcher1

Made of high-strength HDPE.

Detachable design to transfer fractured and injured patients.

One hinge device is set in each end of the stretcher used to divide main frame into two pieces.

Strengthen the patients at original place to reduce the further hurt of the patients.

Without moving the patient, the operators can draw out the stretcher very easily.

Adjustable length according to patients’ body.

Equipped with a narrow frame structure of foot.

Mainly used for hospitals, sports, ambulance carrying patients and wounded person.

Patients won’t feel too hot or too cold on thermally-treated polymer surface.

The surface is easy to clean and impervious to fluids.


Product Size (L x W x H):

Max. Size: 210 x 44.5 x 7cm

Min. size: 120 x 44.5 x 7cm

Packing size: 172x 47 x 9cm

W.: 7kg    G.W.: 8.5kg

Load bearing: less than 159kg



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